Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Whatever Wednesday ( Brownie Journey-Brownie Quest Session 2)

  • We are well underway with the Brownie Quest Journey at this point. I have a lot of things happen and didn't get this posted very quickly so I do apologize. This is how our meeting went:
  • The girls arrived and signed in. We had a a lot of girls absent at this meeting due to all the sickness going around.
  • We opened the meeting with the Pledge, Promise and  Law
  • For our first activity we talked about the Family Stars the girls had worked with their families on at home. We took a moment to pass them around the table so everyone got a chance to see.
  • For our second activity I had the girls guess what the name of the key that we just discovered was. It took them a little bit of time to guess it but good clues will help them a lot!
  • The girls then did page 52 in their books
  • For our third activity we played a game called All Aboard. This is a team building activity. What I did was bring in a large tablecloth . I put it in the middle of the floor and told the girls they had to stand on it. Once they were on I made them get off and folded it in half. We kept doing this until they no longer could figure out a way to get all of them on it. You can make up your own rules on how to do it ( such as they can't talk, etc). They had a great time doing this!
  • We went back to the table and talked about how this involved team work.
  • We created a Brownie Troop Agreement and then the girls did page 53 in their books
  • To end the meeting we talked about Healthy Living ( pg 62 in leader book) and talked about the pictures shown on pages 54 and 55 in the girls books.

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