Monday, October 10, 2011

Make it Monday halloween decor

Today I am going to show everyone how to make easy and cheap Halloween decorations for your yard.

First you get a tomato cage.  Mine are from my garden.

Then you turn them upside down and use a zip tie to hold all the wires together.
  Then you get a robe costume with a hood.  (I have lots of theses left over from previous Halloweens.)
 Take the rob and place it over your tomato cage.

Then you get a stick to place through the arm holes.  If you don't have a stick a pool noodle will do. Just anything to make the arms stick out .

Place the stick through the arm holes in the  robe.


once the stick is all the way through it will look like a hooded figure in the yard

Once you have them put together you have to anchor them in the ground.  The best thing we have found for this is tent spikes. 
All you do is drive two of them into the ground on opposite sides of the tomato cage with the little hook catching the top of the bottom of the cage.  Which was originally the top.

Now if you choose you can add mask or gloves to your figure.

So there you have it a cheep easy yard figure for HALLOWEEN

Hope you have a great Monday

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